Are you using Linktree? 😔

Many users are frustrated with the results of Linktree. You are not alone. Fortunately, is the best Linktree alternative.


Why is the best Linktree alternative 🏆

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Share more than links

Collect emails, embed Youtube videos, Spotify songs, voting polls.

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Share your social profiles

Get people to follow you on every platform you’re active on.

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Create a micro website

Import your favorite posts, articles, pics, and media from your profiles across the web.

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Put your bio on autopilot

Automatically show your latest posts and vids without touching your bio. Just set it and forget it!

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Your content deserves more than a list of links lets you import content from all your favourite platforms and present it in endless ways.

And many more

How it works

Choose what you want to share

Select your blocks from loads of different options and then import or add own your content.

Reorder & customize your blocks

Simply use your mouse to add, delete, edit and move blocks around.

Share your link anywhere you want

Share the customized bio with your audience on your favourite platforms.

How to edit your bio using Linktree alternatives iPhone XR vs. Linktree 🥊

Here’s why people choose as a Linktree alternative Bio Link Solution Logo Linktree logo
One bio link
Share multiple links
Add social profiles
Import Instagram content
Import Twitter content
Import Medium content
YouTube integration
Music streaming integration
Share Facebook group
Share LinkedIn profile
About Me card
Question poll
Email collection form

Who is for? is the Linktree alternative for anyone who wants to share more than just links with their bio.

Anyone who wants to share more content in their bio

Some of our users choose over Linktree because they can share all their other social media profiles in one place.

In this way, people who already come across their Instagram profile also become Linkedin friends, Youtube subscribers, Spotify fans etc.

How to add Spotify in your Instagram bio iPhone XR

Anyone who wants to increase engagement

Some people just love that they can embed a Spotify (or other music apps) right in their bio and get their followers to discover their taste in music!

If you’re looking for Linktree alternatives because you want to share more types of content with the people who come across your profile, is for you.

Why people use as a Linktree alternative gives you endless possibilities to showcase your best content in your bio.

You want more than a plain list of links

Linktree has only one core feature: it helps you add links to your bio. And this is exactly the reason people like you are looking for an alternative.

Instagram Bio Apps like Linktree One of the best Linktree alternatives
import Share your Youtube in your Instagram bio

Endless possibilities to share your best content is the go-to Linktree alternative when you want to share more than just links with your Instagram bio profile. It helps you easily get your friends and followers to:

Visit your Youtube Channel

Connect with you on LinkedIn

Join your Facebook group

Subscribe to your newsletter

Read all your latest articles

Discover your taste in music and favorite artists!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do people use Linktree?

Probably one of the main reasons people choose Linktree is because it allows you to add an unlimited number of links.

But people look for Linktree alternatives because it allows you to share many other types of content than just links.

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Why is the best Linktree alternative? is the Linktree alternative that allows you to share more about you with a simple bio.

You can display almost anything you want from the other platforms you’re active on: videos, pictures, articles, favourite music and much more.

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Who is Linktree for?

Linktree is suitable for anyone who wants to drive traffic from Instagram to other channels, no matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a blogger artist or you run a content platform.

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Thousands of people use bio as a simple way to help their profile visitors get from A to Z. Send people to the right link every time. Join for free!

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