Setting up your bio is simple.

With you can share almost any type of content: videos, images, links, email collection forms etc.

How to add content to your bio link
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There's lots to choose from lets you import content from all your favourite platforms and present it in endless ways.

And many more

How it works

Choose what you want to share

Select your blocks from loads of different options and then import or add own your content.

Reorder & customize your blocks

Simply use your mouse to add, delete, edit and move blocks around.

Share your link anywhere you want

Share the customized bio with your audience on your favourite platforms.

Customise bio link blocks in backend iPhone XR

Some things you can do with

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It's Easy

Create your perfect bio profile in minutes. Anyone can do it with zero coding or technical skills because it's super intuitive, easy and fun!

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It Takes A Few Minutes

Add, edit or move your blocks around with just a few clicks. is so intuitive that you'll know what to do from a simple glance!

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It’s Free

No credit card required. Simply sign up and import your favorite posts, pics, and media from your profiles across the web.

Try it for free

Thousands of people use bio as a simple way to help their profile visitors get from A to Z. Send people to the right link every time. Join for free!

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