Still using Carrd? 😔

Carrd is overloaded with features, making it difficult for you to build your own landing page.

People choose as a Carrd alternative because it’s so straightforward. Anyone can build a stunning micro-website in minutes with!


Why is the best Carrd alternative 🏆

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The Ferrari of page builders

Thousands of people use to build their own personal website in seconds.

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Super-easy to use

Building your personal homepage with is so intuitive - even your grandma could do it.

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Share anything

Share articles, images, videos, social profiles, favorite songs through your homepage.

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Total design freedom

Change themes, backgrounds, fonts and colors at the press of a button.

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Build your website while you grab a coffee

Easily build a slick looking personal page in minutes. Get people to discover all your other social media profiles.

And many more

How it works

First, add your content

Add videos, images, links, an email collection form, and more.

Reorder & customize your content

Easily change colors, add backgrounds, move content around or edit just about anything.

Share your new website anywhere

Share your bio link with friends, on your Insta, on Twitter, or anywhere else you can think of!

How to edit your bio using Carrd alternatives iPhone XR vs. Carrd 🥊

Here’s why people choose over Carrd Bio Link Solution Logo carrd logo
Share multiple links
Add social profiles
Email collection form
Social cards
Import Medium content
YouTube Subscribe Card
Music streaming integration
Share Facebook group
Share LinkedIn profile
About Me card
Question poll
Customization options
Different theme options

Who is for? is the Carrd alternative for anyone who wants to create a stunning website SUPER FAST, with zero technical or coding skills. Suitable for fun, business or hobby. It’s free to use as well, with special power ups for Premium users!

Anyone wanting to build a small website/page FAST, on their own

People switch from Carrd to because they want to avoid the hassle of figuring out how to build a website. They want a simple, creative solution anyone can use.

If you want to create a small website or just one page in a few minutes, without any technical or design skill, is for you.

How to add Spotify in your Instagram bio iPhone XR

Anyone who wants to avoid an overcomplicated website builder

Carrd is cool, but it’s overloaded with customization options that you’ll never end up using. on the other hand is so easy to use because it comes with the customization options you need. Think essentials, without any bloat.

Why you should use instead of Carrd gives you endless possibilities to share your ideas, your business or yourself without effort and without technical skills.

You figure out how to use bio in seconds

Look how complicated is to use Carrd. is a no-brainer. You open the app and you instantly know what you have to do. interface Carrd interface
import Share your Youtube channel on your website

Just plug and play is the go-to Carrd alternative when you want to get things done quickly. Your page can get your friends and followers to:

Visit your Youtube Channel

Connect with you on LinkedIn

Join your Facebook group

Subscribe to your newsletter

Read all your latest articles

Discover your taste in music and favorite artists!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do people use Carrd?

One of the main reasons people choose Carrd is because they can build a website or a simple page on their own.

But then people look for something other than Carrd because they need a more intuitive solution.

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Who is Carrd for?

Carrd is more suitable for technical people who want to customize every little aspect of their website.

This requires you to have time and technical skills.

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Why YOU should try first

Because allows you to build a web page in minutes, even if you’re the most non-techy person on the planet.

Click, click, click or tap, tap, tap and your simple website is ready :)

Try us for free!

You’ll love your new homepage! Thousands of people use bio as a simple way to help their followers get from A to Z. Join for free!

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